Shipping and return policies for Super Buffet

Shipping Info
Pretty much I plan on using USPS. Honestly, they need the business. They're also cheaper.

I'm near San Diego. If you're near San Diego stuff will get to you pretty quickly. If your further from San Diego than it may take a bit longer. Australian and Kiwi customers can just pray that someday it will show up. Nothing against them, they're just really far away.

international shipping rates have been changing enough recently that I'm perplexed. Right now I've set it artificially high as I try to figure out the best way to price things.
Return Policy
Returns are handled case by case. We want you to be happy with our stuff and we take precautions that it gets to you in good condition. That said, if it doesn't, drop us a line and we'll try to work something out.

If you just plain don't like what you ordered than feel free to send any constructive criticism you may have so we can consider working that into our next thinger. If you do decide to return it the shipping will be at your expense and, really, it's probably not worth the money. Let us know though.